Category: Hosting

122022. Dec.

Why should you update the WordPress to the newest version?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS system platforms among companies and individuals. Many of our customers use it, so the following short article about updates may be helpful. We have to update WordPress similar to the different applications and software regularly, this is essential to keep your website functional, fast and secure. Increase security The top priority of WordPress website owners is to […]

212022. Jun.

Why use seperate e-mail hosting?

Nowadays, it is essential to use some kind of e-mail service, both as an individual and a company. Everybody knows and uses the free e-mail services of Google Gmail or Yahoo, for example. In many cases, it is worth using separate, professional e-mail hosting. What is e-mail hosting? Our company’s server provides a professional e-mail hosting service. Most importantly, you can attach multiple domains to […]

262021. Aug.

Web hosting industry trends and statistics 2021

Today, so many factors influence the web hosting industry, such as advances in technology, innovations, an increase in the number of startups, or even events, such as the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, which has further increased the importance of online presence. It’s not easy to keep track of where the industry is right now, but we’ve just tried to collect the important facts. Basic [...]
182021. May.

Common terms about web hosting

Many people want their website for some reason and they want to know what things are needed for it and how it works at a basic level. At first, it can be scary a lot of unfamiliar terms, but you can understand these terms quickly. We collected few common terms that are good to know for anyone who has their own website. Web hosting Web [...]
132021. Apr.

One of our clients’ favorite package: WordPress Hosting

Nowadays, the WordPress CMS system is becoming more and more popular, as it already provides more than 40% of the world's websites. According to one research site, the number of WordPress-based websites is over 28 million, and in Hungary, it is now used by 26,000 live websites. WordPress based websites Source: Its popularity is constantly growing, one of the reasons for this growth is [...]
042021. Feb.

Simple and super- cPanel hosting management interface

Many users know it, and our hosting customers also use the cPanel hosting interface, but we would like to introduce it briefly to those who are not yet familiar with it. It is important because most hosting providers use it. More than 1.2 million live websites in the world use cPanel, of which nearly 10,000 are Hungarian live websites. ( The cPanel is an online […]

112020. Nov.

New service: website transfer

We are striving to improve our existing services and come up with new ones as needed. Now we present our latest service and show the most important information! Why is it better to outsource the transferring of your website? – Without prior knowledge, we don’t recommend that anyone to start moving a website or hosting, as even a small error can be a big problem, […]

182020. Aug.

The most important features of the CMS system

With the CMS (Content Management System) platform, you can easily create a website without having to learn any programming language. Features of CMS system A CMS, or content management interface, is software that makes creating websites and managing content very easy. It allows you to build your website without learning to program. The content management interface allows you to store your content, schedule posts to be published, […]

212020. Jul.

Why the own domain based email address more effective?

If your company is using free e-mail services, you are keeping your brand back from growing. Use a domain name-specific, professional e-mail address instead and get the benefits! Professional e-mail addresses include the domain name and have some benefits:  Conveys the right image If you want your business to be taken seriously, forget about free e-mail addresses instead they should match the domain name of […]

292020. May.

How to choose your web hosting package?

You have decided you need a website for your business, but you don’t know which web hosting package to choose? We’ve put together a few tips about our hosting packages. Powerful WordPress Hosting 13.30€/year WordPress hosting is a perfect choice for individuals, startups, or beginner users. You don’t have to worry about settings, you can focus on creating content. We recommend for simple websites or […]