21Jun, 2022

Why use seperate e-mail hosting?

Nowadays, it is essential to use some kind of e-mail service, both as an individual and a company. Everybody knows and uses the free e-mail services of Google Gmail or Yahoo, for example. In many cases, it is worth using separate, professional e-mail hosting.

What is e-mail hosting?

Our company’s server provides a professional e-mail hosting service. Most importantly, you can attach multiple domains to our e-mail hosting and set your domain name as your e-mail address.

How does our e-mail hosting service work?

Choose the right package, we will set up the e-mail hosting immediately after your purchase! This service provides customizable spam filtering, an optional webmail client and unlimited e-mail redirecting.

The main advantage of an e-mail hosting service is that you can use your own domain name for your e-mail address and it is more professional and reliable. We believe that it is mandatory for every company, they don’t have to use for example a radiatorszereles95@gmail.com, they have to use rather info@radiatorszereles.hu.

If you would like to outgrow or partially modify your chosen package, you can add an extra mailbox or additional storage space to the package.

For our e-mail hosting packages, visit the service page where you can compare different packages and order the right one!