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New and redemption domain names watching

Is your dream domain name taken already? Do you want to link an existing domain name to your business? Don’t you want someone else to register domain names related to your brand? Use our domain watch service!

Our service searches on the public .hu new registration list and on the public .hu deletion list. The system searches for your predefined keywords and sends an email notification to you if find any hits.


Market advantage

Get an existing domain name that has high-traffic and gain a market advantage!

Domain capability

Many perfect domain names weren't used by the previous owner and left to expire, but so you can buy and enjoy the benefits.

Competitor monitoring

You can prevent them from acquiring domain names associated with your brand.

Save time

Save time by watching domain names based on your pre-set keywords!


Haven't you figured out the name of your new brand/product yet? With our service, you can get the perfect name idea along with the right domain name.

Portfolio building

Get all the domain names associated with your keywords and manage them in one place!


Choose from our packages, where we’ve set the maximum number of keywords you can set!

5 317 HUF /Year

Domain Name Watch

20 pieces keywords

10 742 HUF /Year

Domain Name Watch

100 pieces keywords

You can also supply your existing domain registration with our domain name watch service.

Did you find a right domain name? Order it!