DOTROLL PARTNERPROGRAM With our reseller system you can easily manage the domain names or webspaces of your clients. Reliable background Flexible services Favorable packages Convenient payment



Dotroll Ltd. has .hu (ISZT), .eu (EURid) and .com .net .org (ICANN) accreditation, and therefore we have direct access to the registry databases of the above TLDs.

Reliable background

Our infrastructure is situated in the largest performance density server room of Hungary. We have outstanding international bandwidth and high quality hardware assets. We continuously develop and extend our systems.

Automatic notifications

Our registration system sends automatic notifications before the expiry of the domain names. Even years long extensions can be made in the online interface.

Market leader

Our group is the market leading domain registrar of Hungary. We manage over 120 000 domain names.

Reliable service

We provide our services with 99% availability. Our systems are monitored 0-24 hours.

0-24 customer service

We provide our priority partners with technical support available 0-24 hours, including weekends, and a dedicated contact person.


Approximately 600 domain endings

Currently we have valid contracts for registering almost 600 TLDs.

Online interface

We provide our resellers with real time online interface for the administration and technical management of the domains and storage spaces.

Convenient payment

We provide various payment options (card, PayPal, bank transfer or OTP cash deposit) for the services ordered.


Web hosting services

Hosting service

Which hosting provider would your client choose? You can also be a hosting provider!
You can manage your clients, set up the storage spaces and give control to your clients!

Domain services

Domain registration

We provide our partners with discounts subject to the quantity of the services ordered.
Our service fees are graded on the basis of the total active domain names registered with us.

Total control

As the owner of the webspace, only you are entitled to comprehensively administer and monitor the webspace. You can control the webspaces reserved by your clients, the bandwidth and transfer quota used. If necessary, you can restrict accesses and even the webspace used by your client.


Instead of the „usual” folder-based structure, you can allocate actually separated webspaces for each of your clients within the main storage space. The resources are restricted to the webspace allocated to each client, and therefore the scope of potential attacks is also limited to individual accounts, while other accounts remain fully safe and secure.


You decide what hosting packages you create for your clients. We check only the ACTUAL storage space reservation.

Reseller hosting plans

Package VE 5GBVE 10GBVE 20GBVE 50GBCustom
Yearly fee
Monthly fee
48.83 €
92.23 €
177.94 €
17.80 €
390.60 €
39.06 €
Limits Storage space size 5 GB10 GB20 GB50 GBBy agreement
Limits Number of accounts 5102050By agreement
E-mail E-mail storage space IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
E-mail Number of mailboxes
E-mail E-mail redirects
E-mail Preferred webmail client
E-mail Server side e-mail rules
E-mail E-mail trace
E-mail Customizable spam filtering
Webhosting Storage space IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Webhosting Parked domains
Webhosting Assignable domains
Webhosting Subdomains
Webhosting FTP accounts
Webhosting Shared SSL
Webhosting Let's Encrypt DV SSL
Webhosting CloudFlare
Webhosting Softaculous
Webhosting HTTP/2 support
Database Number of databases
Database Configurable privileges
Database MariaDB 10.3
Database PHPMyAdmin
Supported software PHP 4.4
Supported software PHP 5.x
Supported software PHP 7.x (default)
Supported software Custom PHP settings
Supported software Perl (cli/cgi)
Supported software Python 2.7 (cli/cgi)
Supported software Python 3.x (cli/cgi)
Supported software Node.js (v6.15.1)
Supported software Node.js (v8.14.1)
Supported software Node.js (v9.11.2)
Supported software Node.js (v10.14.2) (default)
Supported software Node.js (v11.3.0)
Supported software Ruby 1.x (cli/cgi)
Supported software Ruby 2.x (cli/cgi)
Supported software Redis 3.2.12
Supported software Custom error pages
Supported software Apache Rewrite
Supported software Timed script execution (cron)
Supported software Git
Supported software SSH access
Supported software Rsync+SSH
Supported software SVN+SSH
Supported software MySQL+SSH
Other details International bandwidth (capacity) 2 Gbit/s2 Gbit/s2 Gbit/s2 Gbit/s2 Gbit/s
Other details Transfer limit 50 GB/month100 GB / month200 GB / month500 GB / monthBy agreement
Other details Administration panel (cPanel)
Other details Client management interface (WHM)
Other details 24/7 customer support OptionalOptionalOptionalBy agreement
Other details Hosting uptime (yearly) 99%99%99%99%99%

These features are currently being tested.
Our customer service cannot assist you in case of any malfunction and the availability rate does not apply to these features.

The features marked with an asterisk have limited support.
Our customer service cannot provide comprehensive assistance in relation to these features, use them at your own risk!

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