11Nov, 2020

New service: website transfer

We are striving to improve our existing services and come up with new ones as needed. Now we present our latest service and show the most important information!

Why is it better to outsource the transferring of your website?

– Without prior knowledge, we don’t recommend that anyone to start moving a website or hosting, as even a small error can be a big problem, and repairing it will cost much more than using the service itself.

– We save you time, you haven’t to worry about that.

– There are no additional costs involved. Website transfer is 4.000 HUF/website/transfer, e-mail mailbox is 500 HUF/mailbox/transfer and complete cPanel hosting transfer is free if you already have cPanel account somewhere else.

When can you use this service?

Anytime you feel like you want a more affordable service or if you’re not happy with your existing provider and its customer service. Complete cPanel hosting transferring is the right choice for those who want to move their existing cPanel hosting to a new provider without modification and data loss.

You will need one web hosting package at our company for the transferring you can choose from several hosting packages. If you don’t know what kind of hosting would be right for you, read “How to choose your web hosting package?” or feel free to ask our colleagues for help! That’s important that you choose the package which will be big enough.

What are the benefits of moving?

– Our company use the best quality SuperMicro servers only due to their world-class reliability and performance. 

– We create automated weekly backups of each storage space. You can restore your database with one click with the application developed by us.

– The technology used by us identifies excess resource usage and manages storage spaces in an isolated file system separated by users.

– All of our storage space accounts are situated in an isolated file system, thereby eliminating the risk of security incidents affecting multiple accounts.

If you think it’s time for a change, go to our website, feel free to contact us!