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252024. Jan.

January news

In January of this year, we introduced several new features, with these innovations, we try to meet the emerging clients’ needs even better. Monthly web hosting packages Based on previous feedback, our web hosting packages are available from January with monthly payment. The content of the packages hasn’t changed, our future customers can find the right web hosting. The default payment method is the monthly […]

272022. Oct.

Our new service has started: DirectAdmin SSD web hosting

We recently launched our SSD web hosting service with the DirectAdmin interface. DirectAdmin isn’t so popular, but its structure is similar to cPanel. The user interface is easy to use, runs quickly and it is multilingual. You can choose the Hungarian language too. The company is constantly developing the interface based on new innovative technologies. Now we present the overview of the user interface. What […]

182021. May.

Common terms about web hosting

Many people want their website for some reason and they want to know what things are needed for it and how it works at a basic level. At first, it can be scary a lot of unfamiliar terms, but you can understand these terms quickly. We collected few common terms that are good to know for anyone who has their own website. Web hosting Web [...]
132021. Apr.

One of our clients’ favorite package: WordPress Hosting

Nowadays, the WordPress CMS system is becoming increasingly popular, as it already provides about 43,2% of the world's websites. According to one research site, the number of WordPress-based websites is over 28 million, and in Hungary, it is now used by 26,000 live websites. In 2022, the number of WordPress websites was 835 million, which is a huge amount. WordPress based websites Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/cms/WordPress Its [...]
112020. Nov.

New service: website transfer

We are striving to improve our existing services and come up with new ones as needed. Now we present our latest service and show the most important information! Why is it better to outsource the transferring of your website? – Without prior knowledge, we don’t recommend that anyone to start moving a website or hosting, as even a small error can be a big problem, […]

182020. Aug.

The most important features of the CMS system

With the CMS (Content Management System) platform, you can easily create a website without having to learn any programming language. Features of CMS system A CMS, or content management interface, is software that makes creating websites and managing content very easy. It allows you to build your website without learning to program. The content management interface allows you to store your content, schedule posts to be published, […]

032020. Aug.

Web hosting guide for beginners – Infograpchic

We want to give you a little help with the basic concepts of web hosting. If you want to buy storage space but don’t know the types of hostings, study our infographics! You can view the packages of our cPanel SSD Web Hosting service at the following link: https://dotroll.com/en/services/hosting/ , and you can find out more about our VPS service here: https://dotroll.com/en/services/vps/ .