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172023. Feb.

Trends, statistics of web hosting and domain names in 2023

General web hosting and domain names statistics There are more than 1.8 billion websites worldwide, according to InternetLiveStatistics, and their number is constantly growing. The global web hosting industry is worth approx. estimated at 71 billion dollars, COVID played a significant role in the growth experienced in recent years. Global Industry predicted that this value could rise to over 150 billion dollars by 2026. This […]

032020. Aug.

Web hosting guide for beginners – Infograpchic

We want to give you a little help with the basic concepts of web hosting. If you want to buy storage space but don’t know the types of hostings, study our infographics! You can view the packages of our cPanel SSD Web Hosting service at the following link: https://dotroll.com/en/services/hosting/ , and you can find out more about our VPS service here: https://dotroll.com/en/services/vps/ .