18May, 2021

Common terms about web hosting

Many people want their website for some reason and they want to know what things are needed for it and how it works at a basic level. At first, it can be scary a lot of unfamiliar terms, but you can understand these terms quickly. We collected few common terms that are good to know for anyone who has their own website.

Web hosting is a must-have thing for websites, we have already written several articles about web hosting. Look first at the types of web hosting and then at how to choose the right one.

Each website can register an available domain name, which will be the main address of the site on the internet, this is what people enter to access your website. At DotRoll, in addition to the popular .HU, .COM, and .EU extension, you can choose from hundreds of extensions to suit your planned site.

A domain name system that converts IP addresses into domain names, making it easier for visitors to access websites. Without that, you would have to remember long strings of numbers to get to specific web pages, with the help of DNS you can easily type dotroll.com into your browser and you will be able to navigate there right away.

The amount of storage space that the hosting provider allocates per hosting account. You upload the contents of the website to this storage space.

It usually means the amount of data transferred in one second. The data transfer of your website takes place when visitors reach your website and perform different activities on it: browsing, downloading files, etc.

The cPanel is one of the most popular hosting management interfaces, and its popularity is due in large part to the fact that it can also be used by beginner users, and several actions can be performed on the control panel. We have written in detail earlier in our blog about the cPanel.

This supports the web page to load faster when someone visits it, static website files can be stored so the server does not have to re-create and transfer them each time the page loads.

A common programming language used to create web pages. Website owners can succeed on different CMS systems without the knowledge of HTML, but minimal HTML knowledge can never go wrong.

It is a content management interface that allows you to create websites and manage their content without programming or development. One of the most popular CMS systems is WordPress, which you get ready to use when you buy WordPress hosting from us.

A backup is a copy that you make to return to an earlier version in case of technical or other problems. DotRoll automatically creates weekly backups of storage space.

It is used to transfer files between server and computer, it is useful for transferring files, so you don’t have to move hundreds of files one by one.

An Internet Protocol address, the address of a website or device on the Internet, visitors use the domain name to access websites, and the browser finds the site through its IP address.

Probably everyone has come across page 404 of different websites, 404 is the code of a page whose URL does not point to an existing page or a broken link. Many people try to create these pages with funny things, but website owners strive to keep visitors coming across such pages as few times as possible.

You can also find a lot of short information on technical issues related to hosting in our knowledge base. Take a look, use the search or feel free to ask our colleagues for help!

Main photo: Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash