29May, 2020

How to choose your web hosting package?

You have decided you need a website for your business, but you don’t know which web hosting package to choose? We’ve put together a few tips about our hosting packages.

Powerful WordPress Hosting 13.30€/year

WordPress hosting is a perfect choice for individuals, startups, or beginner users. You don’t have to worry about settings, you can focus on creating content. We recommend for simple websites or blog sites.

Mini package 14.30€/year

We recommend it to individuals, who looking for hosting for their non-Wordpress based personal or blog site, or to companies who have a low-traffic website.

Basic package 23.30€/year

The Basic package is a good choice for smaller companies or webshops, as here the package already includes free SSL certificate. Choose this package if more people are dealing with that page or pages!

Plus package 44.30€/year

The Plus package is a good solution if you use more domain names and the website has medium traffic. The package includes SSH, what could be required for custom enhancements.

Ultra package 79.30€/year

Includes everything in the Plus package, plus it’s good for companies where they work a lot in a team, but don’t want to buy a Microsoft package. We recommended it for larger companies!

Pro package 157.30/year

Pro package is a good choice for high traffic websites/webshops. Also, we recommended it for companies who want to work in the domain/web hosting business, but don’t want to buy reseller hosting.

 If you haven’t been able to decide, you may want to compare the detailed features of the different packages! We hope our tips help you choose!