13Apr, 2021

One of our clients’ favorite package: WordPress Hosting

Nowadays, the WordPress CMS system is becoming increasingly popular, as it already provides about 43,2% of the world’s websites. According to one research site, the number of WordPress-based websites is over 28 million, and in Hungary, it is now used by 26,000 live websites. In 2022, the number of WordPress websites was 835 million, which is a huge amount.

WordPress based websites
Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/cms/WordPress
WordPress based websites Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/cms/WordPress

Its popularity is constantly growing, one of the reasons for this growth is that thousands of website themes and tens of thousands of plugins are available, so the supply is enormous. WordPress’s integration capabilities are also excellent, with various service companies offering several solutions that can be easily linked to these sites. Because of these, our WordPress SSD hosting is one of our most popular among clients, and after ordering the hosting, the customer will receive a WordPress that is preconfigured with the basic plugins needed for proper, fast and secure operation. After that, you are ready to create your website and upload it with content!

What does our WordPress hosting offer?

Backup: Why is this important? Anyone can damage your website and need to restore an earlier version. Our company automatically creates weekly backups of all our hosting, so you can restore your database with just one click.

Security and trusted servers: All of our storage is located on an isolated file system, guaranteeing that a security incident on another storage location is not a risk. We would also highlight that we use the highest quality SuperMicro servers with world-class reliability and performance.

Automatic Updates: For WordPress websites to work correctly, your website must always use the latest and most secure version, and with automatic updates, updates will no longer be a problem.

Right speed: It is also very important for visitors and search engines that your website will be fast. We set up the components you need for the fastest speed: W3 Total Cache Plugin, using a configured Redis server.

Free SSL: the hosting package includes the SSL certificate, which is necessary nowadays. This ensures that your visitor data on your website is secure and creates a secure connection between the server and the client. The URL for websites with an SSL certificate contains https://.

Plenty of plugins: As mentioned above, you can customize your WordPress website with tens of thousands of extensions, available in free and paid versions.

Excellent customer service: our expert customer service is at your order in connection with the questions and problems that arise. If you are unsure about buying hosting, please contact us by phone and we will help!

If you have decided that you want to order our WordPress hosting package, you can do it right away! You can get the package for 6,289 HUF + VAT/year, and you can see its detailed features on the page below. We hope to welcome you among our customers soon!

Source: https://www.manaferra.com/wordpress-statistics/

Main photo: Markus Winkler / Unsplash