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122022. Dec.

Why should you update the WordPress to the newest version?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS system platforms among companies and individuals. Many of our customers use it, so the following short article about updates may be helpful. We have to update WordPress similar to the different applications and software regularly, this is essential to keep your website functional, fast and secure. Increase security The top priority of WordPress website owners is to […]

222021. Nov.

Reliable and useful WordPress plugins

Every WordPress website user must have to know the plugins. Thousands of free and paid extensions are available today. These extensions, also known as plugins, have been developed to perform a special task, we can add additional knowledge and functionality to our existing WordPress-based website with plugins. It doesn’t matter how much we use, as each plugin uses resources, and using many plugins together can […]

092021. Jul.

What does it need to start a business website?

Nowadays, the online presence is important and relevant for all small and medium businesses as well. Existing and prospective customers also expect to find your company on the Web, the company looks much more reliable if it has a website. In recent weeks, we have been working hard to launch our new service of website creation. Therefore, we have gathered what is needed to start [...]
132021. Apr.

One of our clients’ favorite package: WordPress Hosting

Nowadays, the WordPress CMS system is becoming increasingly popular, as it already provides about 43,2% of the world's websites. According to one research site, the number of WordPress-based websites is over 28 million, and in Hungary, it is now used by 26,000 live websites. In 2022, the number of WordPress websites was 835 million, which is a huge amount. WordPress based websites Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/cms/WordPress Its [...]
182020. Aug.

The most important features of the CMS system

With the CMS (Content Management System) platform, you can easily create a website without having to learn any programming language. Features of CMS system A CMS, or content management interface, is software that makes creating websites and managing content very easy. It allows you to build your website without learning to program. The content management interface allows you to store your content, schedule posts to be published, […]