09Jul, 2021

What does it need to start a business website?

Nowadays, the online presence is important and relevant for all small and medium businesses as well. Existing and prospective customers also expect to find your company on the Web, the company looks much more reliable if it has a website.

In recent weeks, we have been working hard to launch our new service of website creation. Therefore, we have gathered what is needed to start a company introduction website, which would like to present the given company and its products/services.

Check the list!

*Goal: First, you should always decide what purpose your website serves. We have already mentioned that we are now considering the introductory pages of small and medium-sized enterprises.

*Domain name: Every website needs a domain name. We’ve shown the topic of choosing a domain name in several blog posts, and it’s worth reading these before you choose the best domain. We also recommend the database of domain extension, where you can choose from hundreds of extensions and come up with unique solutions.

*Hosting: You will also need web hosting to run your website, if you want to get more information about what types of hosting are available and how they work, check out our infographics. And we’ve included storage in our website creation service packages, so you don’t have to choose separately.

*Business email address: Many people still use the free email service to this day, but this can often stop your business from growing, as a domain name-based email address will look much more professional than a free email address. In one of our previous articles, we wrote about: why a domain-based email is more effective.

*Website Content: You need to think about what subpages you need. Usually, for a website presenting a business, it’s a good idea to make an About Us subpage where you can tell your prospective clients what you’re dealing with. It is also worth showing the products/services either on a separate subpage or in a separate box. A contact subpage is also essential, where are the contact information and a contact form. For example, think about whether you want to post recommendations, opinions, or start a blog, for example. You have to compile the textual content. Many people undertake text writing themselves, but since it is not as simple as it seems, it may be worth visiting a professional copywriter.

*Images: Every website contains pictures, there are usually two options. One is that if you use your own images, the advantage of this is that you won’t see it anywhere else and make your page unique. However, it is worth asking a professional photographer for the pictures, as it can be disappointing when the pictures are bad on the website. Another solution is to use stock photos, there are plenty of stock photo sites, both free and paid. There are also professional photos here, but be aware that you must follow the license terms before using them.

*CTA: call for action. CTAs are buttons / images /text that grab the visitor and assist them to make a particular action. Such an action could be, for example, writing a contracting message, making an appointment or applying for a consultation.

*Mobile-friendly interface: Nowadays, when 99% of people are using constantly their mobile and more than the desktop interface of computers, more and more people are visiting websites while travelling, so it is necessary for a website to have a responsive interface. Of course, this is included in our website creation packages.

*Google Analytics: One of the most valuable tools that is very useful for every website owner, all you need is a Google Analytics account that can be linked to your website. You can see statistics about what kind of traffic is on your site, what characteristics your visitors have and how they behave, and how well your marketing activities work.

*Maintenance: It is very important for the performance and security of your website to keep your website’s basic system, theme and extensions up to date. This is included in the monthly fee of our website creation service, so you don’t have to deal with this.

The list could, of course, go on, but our goal was to collect the most basic things in the first place and thereby help those who want a business website for their business. You can access the packages and details of our website creation service on our website. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact us!

Main photo: Jonas LeupeUnsplash