21Jul, 2020

Why the own domain based email address more effective?

If your company is using free e-mail services, you are keeping your brand back from growing. Use a domain name-specific, professional e-mail address instead and get the benefits!

Professional e-mail addresses include the domain name and have some benefits: 

Conveys the right image

If you want your business to be taken seriously, forget about free e-mail addresses instead they should match the domain name of your website. Recent research also shows that customers are more likely to open an e-mail when they match with domain names.

Source: https://www.superoffice.com/blog/email-open-rates/

Increase brand awareness 

With every e-mail you send, you can increase your brand awareness, so you might want to hold your business name in your e-mail address. Your e-mails must contain signature because that also includes contact information.


With a free e-mail provider, you may not be able to create your e-mail address for each of your colleagues, as many names are already taken. This makes it much more consistent and professional when a domain name is included in email addresses.

Better e-mail campaign results 

Your e-mail campaigns will not work properly with a free e-mail address. It can be hacked or the messages can easily land in the recipients’ spam folder.

More trustworthy 

Gives much more reliable trust in the potential customers if they can write a letter or possibly ask for help at a domain based e-mail and not a random free email address.

More control 

Set up own email address for your employees so you can check the content in case of a problem! You can always redirect emails from those accounts when employees move out.


Professional email accounts are less vulnerable to phishing and hacker attacks. Malware is more effective for free email addresses.

Consider setting up a domain-specific email for your business. Buy web hosting where you can choose from several different packages and set up a professional email address if you have your own domain name!