142022. Jan.

Most important informations about the ccTLDs

The ccTLDs are country-specific domain extension for example the .hu, .de or.cn. The ccTLDs always consist of a two-letter code, and in addition to land areas, overseas territories such as islands also have their ccTLD domains. There are two exceptions to the list. The first is that the UK uses .uk, even though .gb is registered, and the other is .eu, which is not used […]

152021. Dec.

Domain name generators comparison

We haven't found a suitable domain name generator in Hungary, but there are some right English pages where we can get ideas and inspiration. We tried a few, we used the words “christmas” and “gift” as keywords because these generators can give good ideas for English words, and we thought that these two words could be used to create relevant domain names for Hungarian target [...]
162021. Nov.

Environmental domains – Infographics

In recent years, more and more companies have joined sustainability movements, and more people are launching sites dealing with organic and natural products, so we have collected relevant domain extensions in the infographics.

032021. Nov.

Why is important the two-factor authentication?

Everyone knows the situation that we have more websites, to we use more the same passwords. Passwords are essential, but they are nowhere near as effective. Lots of people use weak passwords, with the result that hackers can easily break these accounts. They can access all kinds of personal and sensitive information, which can be an even bigger problem. We recommend using strong passwords and [...]
242021. Sep.

Featured discounted domain names

Still few people are registering unique domain names in Hungary, but we want them to become more popular. We have put together a couple of favourites that you can register at discounted prices. .AGENCY  There are more and more agencies in Hungary, the .AGENCY domain can be an excellent choice for start-ups if they want to stand out from the crowd. We also recommend it […]

122021. Aug.

Domain extensions in arts topic – Infographic

We always like to draw the attention of those who are thinking about domain registration to think about choosing gTLDs. Why is it good to choose one? There are many more name choices than for a .HU or a .COM, and it adds uniqueness to your brand and provides you to create highly creative domain names. In the following infographics, we have collected our favourite […]

212021. Jul.

Why choose you the .ORG domain for your organization?

In our blog post today, the .ORG domain is in the focus. Many people know and use the .ORG domain abroad, but in Hungary, it can be used only by larger or non-profit organizations, although it is very valuable in several respects. It has a long history as it was created between the first domain extensions, the third most popular extension after .COM and .NET. [...]
302021. Jun.

This year’s changes in the registration of .HU domain names

From July 1, there will be changes in the registration of .HU domain names again, three major modifications are expected. First of all, the new .HU domain names can be registered for one year instead of 2 years, and many people have been waiting for this change. This will make the .HU registration process much more similar to international trends. We believe that this way […]

032021. Jun.

How to choose a domain name for a new blog site?

To start a new blog, it is not enough to have good topic ideas and fun posts, but also the right domain name. With this blog post, we want to help you choose the best domain name for your new blog. Why is it so important what a domain name will be? A domain name isn't just an Internet address, but also branding, as it [...]

Domains for services – Infographic

The perfect domain name is a necessary component of the right and strong online presence. For that you also need a good domain extension, fortunately, there are already hundreds of domain extensions available at our company, for services that want a unique name. We have now collected a few opportunities! You can register on our site if you like any of them. Main photo: Adam […]