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102023. Aug.

The world of education in the online space

In recent years, we have experienced that the field of education is transforming. Online education and learning are playing an increasingly important role, so companies that deal with education and courses on a certain topic must stand out from the crowd. One of the key elements of a successful online presence is choosing the right domain name and extension. We recommend the following extensions specifically [...]
172023. Feb.

Trends, statistics of web hosting and domain names in 2023

General web hosting and domain names statistics There are more than 1.8 billion websites worldwide, according to InternetLiveStatistics, and their number is constantly growing. The global web hosting industry is worth approx. estimated at 71 billion dollars, COVID played a significant role in the growth experienced in recent years. Global Industry predicted that this value could rise to over 150 billion dollars by 2026. This […]

052022. Sep.

Everything about the domain transfer

Let’s start with a primary meaning, what is the domain name transfer? The most superficial meaning is: when an existing, registered domain name is transferred from the Registrar (who currently manages the domain) to another Registrar. In this case, if you have a domain name with another Registrar, you can transfer it to our company or another Registrar. When should you choose the domain transfer?  […]

192022. Jul.

Domain extensions in technology topic

Nowadays, technology and digital life are constantly evolving, so more little and more bigger companies appear in the market. The competition is high, and the number of choosable .com domain names is decreasing. It would help if you considered choosing a unique domain extension for your technology company. We have collected a list of some technology-themed domain extensions. Let’s see! .tech One of the most […]

242022. May.

The application for the 2022 .eu Web Awards has already started

EURid organizes again the .eu Web Awards this year, an online competition for .eu websites in different categories. The first competition was in 2014 and since then the organizers have come across hundreds of creative and imaginative .eu websites. The Web Awards’ goal is to generate as much traffic as possible to these sites. Why do you take part in the competition? Participation is free […]

172022. May.

Creative 404 pages from around the world

Usually, every user has already experienced a 404 page, but in the optimal case, this is not common, yet a few companies make a creative 404 page smile. A well-designed 404 page can be an effective tool for getting the brand. What should a 404 page contain? A 404 page has to tell users that the page that they are looking for cannot be found. […]

262022. Apr.

Successful .eu websites from different industries

We have previously published a collection about successful .eu websites. We would now like to expand this list to more inspiring pages. Successful websites – Czech Republic This website belongs to a Czech-based travel agency, which specializes in offering travel experiences in Central and East Europe to non-Europeans. The .eu domain is a great choice for the agency, it shows what they focus on. […]

292022. Mar.

Guide for types of domains

We’ve already covered domain names in several of our blog articles on how to choose the right one or gather the benefits of domain extensions. Now let’s go back to the beginnings and introduce the different types of domains. Top-Level domains (TLDs) The URL of each website has different parts, in the case of our website, the top-level domain at is .com. There is […]

242022. Feb.

Overview of the .HU domain’s statistics

Very few people know that detailed .HU domain statistics are available on the , and we help to interpret the graphs. Stats of .HU domain Number of domains The first graph shows the number of .HU domains. When filtering, you can choose to see data for all years so far, or just the number for the last 1 or 10 years. In the present [...]
032022. Feb.

Successful websites with .EU domain name

The .EU domain extension is a widely used, trusted domain that can target European markets. Its Registrar is EURID, an organization that actively works to support the European digital single market and pursues innovative solutions to bring as many environmental actions as possible to its operations. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing the .EU domain extension and we want to inspire you with a […]