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292022. Mar.

Guide for types of domains

We’ve already covered domain names in several of our blog articles on how to choose the right one or gather the benefits of domain extensions. Now let’s go back to the beginnings and introduce the different types of domains. Top-Level domains (TLDs) The URL of each website has different parts, in the case of our website, the top-level domain at dotroll.com is .com. There is […]

162021. Nov.

Environmental domains – Infographics

In recent years, more and more companies have joined sustainability movements, and more people are launching sites dealing with organic and natural products, so we have collected relevant domain extensions in the infographics.

242021. Sep.

Featured discounted domain names

Still few people are registering unique domain names in Hungary, but we want them to become more popular. We have put together a couple of favourites that you can register at discounted prices. .AGENCY  There are more and more agencies in Hungary, the .AGENCY domain can be an excellent choice for start-ups if they want to stand out from the crowd. We also recommend it […]

122021. Aug.

Domain extensions in arts topic – Infographic

We always like to draw the attention of those who are thinking about domain registration to think about choosing gTLDs. Why is it good to choose one? There are many more name choices than for a .HU or a .COM, and it adds uniqueness to your brand and provides you to create highly creative domain names. In the following infographics, we have collected our favourite […]

282021. Apr.

Domains for services – Infographic

The perfect domain name is a necessary component of the right and strong online presence. For that you also need a good domain extension, fortunately, there are already hundreds of domain extensions available at our company, for services that want a unique name. We have now collected a few opportunities! You can register on our site if you like any of them. Main photo: Adam […]

082021. Feb.

Our favourite domain extensions in food-drink topic

Our company offers hundreds of domain extensions, including plenty of unique options to create a very creative domain name. To support recovery from the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus, we have now brought our TOP 7 favourite extensions from the topic of food and drink. The creative domain helps strengthen our online presence, gain more consumers and promote takeaway/home delivery. If you are curious […]

202020. Nov.

Domain extensions database – Infographic

We already have a database of domain extensions we sell on our site. Find your perfect domain name and know all the important information about it! Available at the following link: https://dotroll.com/en/domain-extensions/