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032024. Apr.

The key to European business success is the .eu domain

Online presence is critical for companies and a suitable domain name is the best tool to establish it. What makes the .eu domain extension so attractive? One of the biggest advantages of the .eu domain is that it is a name certified and recognized by the European Union. In this way, businesses with a .eu domain name automatically increase their credibility in the European market. […]

242022. May.

The application for the 2022 .eu Web Awards has already started

EURid organizes again the .eu Web Awards this year, an online competition for .eu websites in different categories. The first competition was in 2014 and since then the organizers have come across hundreds of creative and imaginative .eu websites. The Web Awards’ goal is to generate as much traffic as possible to these sites. Why do you take part in the competition? Participation is free […]

262022. Apr.

Successful .eu websites from different industries

We have previously published a collection about successful .eu websites. We would now like to expand this list to more inspiring pages. Successful websites artoftravel.eu – Czech Republic This website belongs to a Czech-based travel agency, which specializes in offering travel experiences in Central and East Europe to non-Europeans. The .eu domain is a great choice for the agency, it shows what they focus on. […]

032022. Feb.

Successful websites with .EU domain name

The .EU domain extension is a widely used, trusted domain that can target European markets. Its Registrar is EURID, an organization that actively works to support the European digital single market and pursues innovative solutions to bring as many environmental actions as possible to its operations. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing the .EU domain extension and we want to inspire you with a […]

292020. Sep.

What are the benefits of an .EU domain name?

Today, the .EU TLD is one of the most popular domain, launched in 2005. Initially, only European institutions and trademark holders could register, but this was dissolved in 2006. It has helped many individuals and businesses to strengthen their European presence and brand. The people use primarily the .EU domains in commerce, manufacturing and technology. Why choose an .EU domain name? Greater branding potential   The .EU domain […]