24May, 2022

The application for the 2022 .eu Web Awards has already started

EURid organizes again the .eu Web Awards this year, an online competition for .eu websites in different categories. The first competition was in 2014 and since then the organizers have come across hundreds of creative and imaginative .eu websites. The Web Awards’ goal is to generate as much traffic as possible to these sites.

Why do you take part in the competition?

Participation is free for all websites with a .eu domain name. By participating in the competition, you can increase the traffic to your website, and the prize package also includes a marketing contribution, which can also be useful to your site.

What is the process of the Web Awards?

The nomination and voting period run from May 17 to August 17, 2022, and the jury will evaluate each site before being published as a candidate. Candidates will be able to vote in public, after which there will be 3 finalists in each category, they will be announced on September 1st. The final winners will be awarded at a live gala on November 17th.


The first category is the Leaders, where websites represent an established, stable business. Second is the Rising Stars category, where start-ups can get a good opportunity. Next is Laurels category, the websites of this category represent a non-profit organization or an institution, that promotes ongoing projects. Websites that qualify for the Better World category must represent environmental friendly initiatives and businesses. Next is the House of .eu, the rule is: the website or blog represents companies or private persons in the news, media or art industry. The last category is the Best of IDN, where any website that uses .ею or .ευ extension or contains an IDN character can appear.

The selection of the winners

Three finalists per category will be invited to the exclusive .eu Academy masterclasses and .eu Web Awards ceremony on 17 November in Mechelen, Belgium, where the winners will be announced. The winner of the six categories will get a marketing campaign opportunity with a budget of 5000 EUR (organised together with a EURid appointed marketing agency), an educational package and  3 different .eu Web Awards digital icons.

So the application has started, and all our customers with .eu website are encouraged to apply! You can apply on the official website of the event!