29Sep, 2020

What are the benefits of an .EU domain name?

Today, the .EU TLD is one of the most popular domain, launched in 2005. Initially, only European institutions and trademark holders could register, but this was dissolved in 2006. It has helped many individuals and businesses to strengthen their European presence and brand. The people use primarily the .EU domains in commerce, manufacturing and technology.

Why choose an .EU domain name?

Greater branding potential  

The .EU domain extension supports your brand to attract interest and reach new customers in other European countries as well. Its advantage is that it is easy to remember and create creative domain names with it. An .EU domain name gives your brand more visibility as it can target people in a huge market. If you have an .EU domain name you can take part in the .EU Web Awards. It is an online competition where the best .EU sites are recognized and you can get more traffic with this promotion.

More effective geo-targeting  

.EU offers geo-targeted access to your business, showing that your business is European, open to increase in different countries.

Larger domain name selection  

You can register a .EU domain name in any of the 24 languages of the European Union, and since 2009 users have been able to choose a domain name that uses the full Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabet. The .COM remains the most popular extension, but it doesn’t target a specific geographical area.

Consumer confidence

From a legal point of view, it is important that the .EU indicates that you are a legal entity established in the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. Your company is subject to EU law, which gives your customers much more confidence. 

Green domain

EURid, the .EU domain’s Registrar is a member of EMAS (Certified Environmental Management System), which aims to increase the efficiency of the use of natural resources and reduce environmental impact. EURid promotes the sustainability program primarily to employees to increase participation in environmental projects.

Growing popularity 

In 2020, the .EU was the 7th most popular ccTLD, with more than 3,7 million .EU domain names are currently in existence. Most domain names are registered in Germany, followed by the Netherlands and France. There are currently more than 49.000 .EU domain names in Hungary. EURid works with hundreds of accredited Registrars worldwide, most of them are located in Germany. There are 25 companies in Hungary. The monthly renewal rate for domain names ranges from 80-90% on average, but in August 2021, it was 97%, the highest rate in 2021. (Source: https://eurid.eu/en/welcome-to-eurid/statistics/ )

The .EU domain extension helps to promote European values such as respect for users’ privacy and security or multilingualism.

Achieve European success, register a .EU domain name today!