03Feb, 2022

Successful websites with .EU domain name

The .EU domain extension is a widely used, trusted domain that can target European markets. Its Registrar is EURID, an organization that actively works to support the European digital single market and pursues innovative solutions to bring as many environmental actions as possible to its operations.

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing the .EU domain extension and we want to inspire you with a few successful websites from different industries.

Successful websites

allaboard.eu – Sweden

All Aboard is an online platform, what helps people plan and book train tips in Europe. You can easily use the website.

hellowood.eu – Hungary

Hello Wood started as a camp for architecture students, nowadays, it is an international architectural studio, which deals with custom installations.

myecostay.eu – Germany

The website presents a number of comfortable and high-quality eco-friendly accommodations and places throughout Europe. It’s worth browsing, as you can find plenty of amazing places!

estiabakery.eu – Greece

The Estia bakery has been operating since 1960 and currently offers products made from local ingredients in Greece and abroad. The .EU domain was chosen because of the international expansion.

adventoura.eu – Slovakia

Adventoura is a Slovak tour planner, what offers more than 30 unique tours in Slovakia, hiking, cycling and even bears. Plenty of European hikers visit the country, so the .EU domain was a super choice.

bajo.eu – Poland

BAJO is a family-based Polish company, it deals with toys planning and manufacturing. Its most important market is Europe,  their toys are also made from European raw materials in accord with European standards. They distribute their product in many countries, the .EU domain helps with this.

bepark.eu – Belgium

Bepark, a Belgian company, deals with optimising the search for parking spaces across Europe. Their parking solutions are presented on a simple but interactive website. Later, they want to expand to more countries.

You can see that the .EU domain extension has a variety of uses, whether you have a start-up or an existing business, it’s worth rethinking your registration because there are plenty of options in it. You can read more about successful sites on EURID. And if you want your own .EU domain name, go to domain registration!

Main photo: Kyle GlennUnsplash