05Sep, 2022

Everything about the domain transfer

Let’s start with a primary meaning, what is the domain name transfer? The most superficial meaning is: when an existing, registered domain name is transferred from the Registrar (who currently manages the domain) to another Registrar. In this case, if you have a domain name with another Registrar, you can transfer it to our company or another Registrar.

When should you choose the domain transfer? 

There are several reasons to want to choose domain transfer. One of these is the price-value ratio, each Registrar determines the price of the domains, so there can be plenty of differences, but the quality is also important next to the price. There may be other such reasons, if we have our hosting service and domain name with a different Registrar, then it can be easier to transfer the services to one Registrar.


The domain transfer isn’t a long process but the process is different for .hu domain names and international domain names. By .hu domain names, you must start the transfer you can complete all the steps on the site, and you can view the steps in detail in our Knowledge Base.

In the case of the international domain name transfer, you must first ask your current provider to unlock the domain name, and you will also need the domain’s auth code. You can the Authorization code from the current Registrar, it is usually a unique code of 4-16 characters. You can also read about the exact steps in our Knowledge Base.


Does transferring domain names affect domain-based email addresses? Domain transfer doesn’t mean that you have to move your e-mail hosting, you will still be able to manage your e-mails. If the domain Registrar stores your individual e-mail address, then the domain transfer may affect the e-mail addresses. What happens to the website during the domain transfer? When you transfer a domain name from one Registrar to another, nothing happens to the hosting, the website remains functional during the process if the domain’s nameservers do not change.

You can find the fees for the .hu and international domain names transfer on our website. If you have any questions about the service, feel free to contact our colleagues!