19Jul, 2022

Domain extensions in technology topic

Nowadays, technology and digital life are constantly evolving, so more little and more bigger companies appear in the market. The competition is high, and the number of choosable .com domain names is decreasing. It would help if you considered choosing a unique domain extension for your technology company. We have collected a list of some technology-themed domain extensions. Let’s see!

One of the most obvious domains is short and easy to remember and perfect for technology companies (software developers, tech startups, research companies etc.). Fortunately, there are plenty of .tech domain names available, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

Also, a short but versatile extension that can be great for websites that build a technology community, but also a good choice for dating sites. Register today with your new .click domain and help to make new connections.

Everybody needs to have digital storage! If you deal with hosting, software platforms or development, then .cloud is for you, with this domain you can tell what your business does.

The .app domain extension was registered 4 years ago and has been popular ever since! If you are dealing with mobile applications, create a website for your mobile app and this domain can be the best solution for this. You can show what kind of application you have and how it works. Do you need better than this?

It is among the more commonly used domains, many people compare it to .com, but it is much more available. Regardless of the industry, it can be a good choice for any business that wants its own website. We recommend registering as soon as possible if you want a .site domain, as there are many more choosable solutions.

A domain extension is recommended for software development companies, software engineers, bloggers or the presentation page of specific software. Visitors will immediately know that your site is about software and can stand out from the competition.

You can find more tech-related domain names in our domain extension database. Check the availability of your chosen domain name and register it today!

Main photo: XR ExpoUnsplash