302021. Jun.

This year’s changes in the registration of .HU domain names

From July 1, there will be changes in the registration of .HU domain names again, three major modifications are expected. First of all, the new .HU domain names can be registered for one year instead of 2 years, and many people have been waiting for this change. This will make the .HU registration process much more similar to international trends. We believe that this way […]

212021. Jan.

What happens when a .HU domain name expires?

One of the most common questions we usually get is what happens when an .HU domain expires, where it goes and how to get it back. With this article, we hope to help those who accidentally did not renew their .HU domain name or want to know more information about the expired domains. The following article only applies to .HU domains because the process is […]

222020. Oct.

The most common mistakes that occur when registering a .HU domain

When customers register .HU domain names, there are often formal and other mistakes that can be prevented with less attention, eliminating them save time and reduce the scope for subsequent changes for our customers and colleagues. We would like to help you with this blogpost what to look for during registration. Admin contact The admin contact can be a company or a self-employed, an individual […]