01Jul, 2022

.hu domain registration changes from today

From 1 July 2022, some basic things will change again in the registration of .hu domain names. We would like to draw your attention to these.

Which facts changes now?

When registering .hu domain name, the .hu registry will now only accept an owner contact email address that has been confirmed by the owner. In anticipation of possible future changes, we will verify not only the owner’s contact e-mail address, but also the e-mail address of the billing, admin contact and the factor e-mail. In many cases these addresses are match, i.e. only one check is required. As of today, our system works by accepting the order but if it contains an e-mail address that has not yet been confirmed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided. It is therefore important to always enter an e-mail address that exists and is in use. As long as the user does not confirm the e-mail address, the request for .hu domain registration will not be sent to the registry.
Also note that this rule applies to new registrations, transfers and modifications.
If you already have a .hu domain name and you do not want to register, transfer or modify it, you do not have to do anything, but if you want to register a new .hu domain name, you will be required to confirm your e-mail address, regardless of whether you already have a domain name registered with the e-mail address.

There will also be a change that the registrant will have to pay for each application submitted, even if the domain name is not granted. Until now, payment was only required if the domain name registration was successful. Consequently, much more attention needs to be paid to the choice of domain and the correctness of the data. The reason for this change was, on the one hand, to prevent domain names from being reserved without payment since if a domain name application was submitted and was incomplete, no one else could register the name. On the other hand, such orders gave a lot of administrative works both the Registrar and the Registry, which until now had been done free of charge. The most common reasons for unsuccessful registrations are typos, incorrect order details or, for example, the suspicion that a trademark or other misleading information is not eligible for registration of a domain name. If the application is suspected to be fraudulent, but the applicant agrees and declares that they do not want to fool anyone, they will find useful information on the central site to register the domain name of their choice.

Another fundamental change is that it is now also possible to register domain names that are technically not working, i.e. a .hu domain name can be registered without a name server or with a misconfigured name server. This pre-registration technical check has been a source of annoyance for many in the past and will be abolished from today.

If you have any questions about the changes, please feel free to contact us!