02Jul, 2020

The registration of .hu domain names has changed significantly!

We draw your attention to a significant changes, from 1 July 2020, the Registry of the .hu domains will not check the similarity of newly registered domain names to trademarks, company names and personal names. It is important to mention that the domain owner must continue to verify the legal rights of using that domain name. The Registry will continue to monitor for similarities to existing .hu domain names, through helping to prevent .hu domain names from becoming a tool for cybersquatting attacks.

It doesn’t change that for 8 days after the domain name is registered, it can be challenged under a simplified procedure by anyone who thinks the domain name is unauthorized to be registered and used.

We strongly suggest that if you don’t already have a domain name for your existing brand or are developing an ongoing product/service, you should register the appropriate domain name as soon as possible to avoid litigation later! You can check the pending domain name registrations on the following page: