22Oct, 2020

The most common mistakes that occur when registering a .HU domain

When customers register .HU domain names, there are often formal and other mistakes that can be prevented with less attention, eliminating them save time and reduce the scope for subsequent changes for our customers and colleagues. We would like to help you with this blogpost what to look for during registration.

Admin contact

  • The admin contact can be a company or a self-employed, an individual can only be the admin-c if the same as the domain owner.
  • Keep your contact information up to date so you can avoid losing control of your domain name.
  • Admin contact change is a paid service, equivalent to a one-year extension fee, as well as a contract and uploading additional documents needed.


  • Before applying, it is worth reading the complete registration policy, as it is important to know that anyone who thinks it is not legitimate can challenge the .HU domain registration during conditional use (first 8 days).
  • If you don’t use our company’s name servers, make sure that the name servers are set up correctly before you start the ordering process.

Formal mistakes

  • When filling in the address, fill in all the fields, the house number is often left empty, so pay special attention to it.
  • The format of the name accepted by the .HU registration is the Surname-First Name structure, when filling in it, be careful not to replace it.
  • In case of organization, write only the tax number of the organization in the tax number field, avoid combinations of fictitious numbers and letters!