24Feb, 2022

Overview of the .HU domain’s statistics

Very few people know that detailed .HU domain statistics are available on the domain.hu , and we help to interpret the graphs.

Stats of .HU domain

Number of domains

The first graph shows the number of .HU domains. When filtering, you can choose to see data for all years so far, or just the number for the last 1 or 10 years. In the present case, we have now set up all the data, where it is very clear that the number of .HU domains are growing, by about 50,000 a year. There are presently a little over 850,000 .HU domains registered.

The green line indicates domain names that contain accented letters, the number of which is stagnant. The black line shows DNSSEC domain names, these .HU domain names have a special security protocol. The orange line shows the number of domain names whose nameservers are also available on an IPv6 server.

Type of authorisation

The most .HU domains are document-based domains as opposed to the factor authentication methods introduced last year. Many people don’t know the factor authentications, and not all registrars have introduced it yet, so their number is growing very minimally. The orange line shows the number of domains where the domain owner provided the email address, which was not previously required but has been around for a few years now, as it avoids misunderstandings.

Domain state changes

The domain changes graph indicates the number of renewed, new, released, and restored .HU domains. The data of the last 10 years also show a strong cyclicality, usually 1-2 thousand renewals and 200-400 new domain registrations per day. Recovered domains are those that have been recovered from the deletion.

Registrant and Registrars changes

The last graph shows the change of Registrant and Registrars, perhaps the number of Registrars changes has decreased in recent years (blue line), and there are just a few changes of Registrant with factors (green line).

Public data

The number of .HU domains registered by the Registrars are still not public, except in the case where a particular Registrar publishes their own statistics. However, the officially registered user of a .HU domain is partly public. If you want to know any information, use the search bar on domain.hu, where if the domain name is registered, a small window will appear with “Click here to see the public details of the domain.” You can send an e-mail to the user or the administrative contact of the domain, but this is not guaranteed to be answered or to use the e-mail address provided by him.

How can the .HU domain stat improve?

We also looked at the statistics of other international domain Registrars. The .DE Registry, for example, shows the number of .DE domains by domain, broken down by county, and it would be interesting to see territorial distribution. Another very interesting graph that EURID (.EU domain) uses to show the industry in which websites using .EU domain names operate, it is an industry distribution. In addition, it could be interesting to compare the number of .HU domains with the country code numbers of neighbouring countries.