30Jun, 2021

This year’s changes in the registration of .HU domain names

From July 1, there will be changes in the registration of .HU domain names again, three major modifications are expected.

First of all, the new .HU domain names can be registered for one year instead of 2 years, and many people have been waiting for this change. This will make the .HU registration process much more similar to international trends. We believe that this way many more people will register a new .HU domain by not having to buy it right away for 2 years.

The next is that .HU domain names can be renewed for several years, even if the renewal is not up-to-date. The expiration date of a domain name can only be extended in the central Registry for a maximum of 5 years, while for international domain names it is already 10 years on average. This modification was made to protect the interests of domain owners.

The third modification will be a simplification, in the case of document-based .HU registrations will be much easier to switch to factor-based registration. In addition, for factor-based registration, a confirmation email will be automatically resent after 7 days, so if you forget to confirm your registration request and data, you will be automatically reminded. Of course, if the confirmation e-mail is lost for any reason, you can also request it again from the .HU Registry at any time.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact our colleagues!

Main photo: Christin Hume / Unsplash