21Jan, 2021

What happens when a .HU domain name expires?

One of the most common questions we usually get is what happens when an .HU domain expires, where it goes and how to get it back. With this article, we hope to help those who accidentally did not renew their .HU domain name or want to know more information about the expired domains. The following article only applies to .HU domains because the process is different for .HU and non-.HU expired domains.

When the .HU domain name expires…

After expiration, the domain name will be in redemption status for the first time for 45 days, during which time the owner can repurchase the domain name even without paying an additional fee. The amount of the fee depends on the domain registrar. If you have slipped out of the 45-day grace period, the domain will be parked in the 60-day cancellation period, from here the owner will only be able to repurchase the domain name for an additional fee. If the original owner did not buy it back within 105 days, then the .HU domain will be released and can be re-registered for anyone.

Domain backorder

Before the .HU domain name becomes available, we can already track it, as it will appear in the official .HU registry “Domains to be deleted” list, from where it will be re-registered after 61 days. You can also find the list of domain backorder on our website, you can find several valuable domain names in the list that may be worth knocking down. A domain name is valuable if it has high traffic or sounds very good, which the previous owner did not necessarily use.

New and redemption domain names watching

If you want to link an existing domain name to your business or you want to get a market advantage, use our domain name watch service. It searches for your predefined keywords on the public .HU new registration list and the public .HU deletion list.

How can we avoid losing our .HU domain name?

You must use an email address that you visit often when you register your domain name, as we will send several notifications before your domain name expires. You may also can turn on the auto-renew option, which is the easiest way to renew your .HU domain. If you have many domains, register them with one registrar so you can manage them more easily.

Photo: JESHOOTS.COMUnsplash