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How can our financial officer / accountant know about issuing an invoice?

An account account can only have one email address, but there is a possibility to add a new contact.

The new contact may be granted entitlement as follows:

Subscriber privileges

  • Change account holder information
  • View and manage contacts
  • View Features
  • View and modify service passwords
  • View Domains
  • Manage Domain Settings
  • View and pay for prizes
  • View and Accept Quotations
  • Submit and view bill numbers
  • View and manage your partner account
  • View emails
  • Submit new orders, modifications, deletions

Email settings

  • General e-mail messages – Password reminders, announcements
  • Emails related to services – Order-related information and information, etc.
  • Domain related emails – Renewal and registration alerts, etc.
  • E-mails related to pay-per-viewers – Fees and billing reminders
  • Customer Support E-mail Messages – This user can open trouble tickets

Based on these, the contact can download the payee, receive emails about the payments, and access the online interface to download the payments for the payments and start payment from the site.

Availability: Home-> Your Info box -> Update -> Contacts/Sub-Accounts