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DotRoll free hosting

If you buy a domain from DotRoll Kft, you can use a 50 MB static storage space free of charge. This means that the dynamic-based system (forum, content manager, blog) cannot be operated from this repository, however, we can store our pages created in raw HTML, with editors if necessary.

For technical reasons, free hosting can only be used if you use DotRoll Ltd. name servers.


  1. Log in to the page, then click Domains in the top menu bar
    Domains menu

    Domains menu

  2. Select the My Domains submenu from the drop-down menu
    My Domains sub menu

    My Domains sub menu

  3. Then click the wrench icon at the end of the line.
    Wrench icon

    Wrench icon

  4. In the Manage box at the top left of the page, click Free Hosting option
    Select Free hosting option

    Select Free hosting option

  5. On the page that appears, enter:
    • the password for the FTP user
    • repeat the password
    • Select the checkbox next to I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.
    Type password

    Type password

  6. Finally, click the save button.


After saving, you can connect to the FTP server after specifying the following settings:

FTP server address:
FTP port: 21
FTP user name: enter the domain name for which you have previously set up Free Hosting.
FTP password: the previously set password.

To avoid possible connection problems, we recommend that you use the FTP client program to connect to the server in passive mode.

  • Total Commander
  • FileZilla
  • FireFTP

Comparison of FTP clients


In order for the content uploaded to the hosting to appear in the browser, you must change the current A and / or WWW A record in the DNS settings for that domain name.

  1. To change your DNS settings, click Manage DNS in the Manage box on the domain name data sheet.
  2. On the page that appears, find the plain Park record for the domain name and click Delete, in case you want your domain name to display the same content with and without the www prefix, then click the Delete button for the Park record starting with *.
    Select Manage DNS option

    Select Manage DNS option

  3. Then double-click the Add button in the lower right corner of the page
    Edit the DNS zone

    Edit the DNS zone

  4. Select Freeweb from the drop-down list in the third column.
  5. In the first field on the bottom row, enter the * prefix, and in the third column, select Freeweb.
  6. Finally, use the Save Changes button to save the configuration.

Because the previously specified settings in the zone file for the domain name have changed, it must be updated. This refresh time usually takes 1-4 hours so during this period, calling the domain name in your browser may not display the uploaded content.