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My emails being late what can I do?

The email may cause the retardation of messages Greylist.

Greylist technique with distinguished efficiency useful the SPAM-et against senders. His essence, that the each single e-mail at the time of a reception it SMTP server the letter sender notes his IP address, the sender’s and the addressee’s data. If the given letter is a sender the IP address of a server the cPanel does not figure in the database of a server yet, then it SMTP server the e-mail rejects it with a temporary mistake delivery. The correctly configured a sender is waiting until 5-10 minutes, and tries to deliver the e-mail again then. The second attempt the e-mail occurs already delivery. The server handles it as a good entry already until 3 days following this, and everything accepts the e-mail promptly in a case.


Find the Configure Greylist menu item and click it, then click the grey Off button.