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Verify Google Domain ownership on the Search Console interface

Google has made Domain Property available in the Google Search Console, and the previously used Property Sets feature has been discontinued. Domain Property is similar to the former Property Sets, but with the new interface, multiple URLs can be managed as one, so the interface can be used to view the relevant domain name data on the Google Search Console. So, the protocols (http, https), and subdomain names like www or mobile subdomain will be accessible and viewable through a single interface.

If you have previously registered a domain name in the Google Search Console, it will migrate automatically. If you want to add a new domain name to the Google Search Console interface, you need to set up DNS-based authentication for the domain name. This essentially means that for the domain name concerned, a TXT record must be set in the name server currently used for the domain name.

You can find a detailed description of the TXT record setting in the following Knowledge Base article:

Adding TXT record

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