03Nov, 2021

Why is important the two-factor authentication?

Everyone knows the situation that we have more websites, to we use more the same passwords. Passwords are essential, but they are nowhere near as effective. Lots of people use weak passwords, with the result that hackers can easily break these accounts. They can access all kinds of personal and sensitive information, which can be an even bigger problem.
We recommend using strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication acts as a second security password, so if your password is hacked, your account will continue secure, as hackers will not have access to the second code. This type of authentication is becoming more and more popular in various online services, for example, in Hungary, banks have introduced it for online shopping, so if you are used to shopping online with a credit card, you have already come across this method.

The two-factor authentication has more types. These are:


There are different types of application-based authentication, one of the most popular being the Google Authenticator app, which is available on both Android and iOS. They work for multiple sites at once, the site must initially be set up in the app with a QR code or otherwise. After that, if you enter your password on that website, you will find the second code in the app, this code is constantly changed by the Authenticator. You still need to be careful not to enter your second code on another site other than what’s in the app. Another method, used by several banks, is that the authentication has to be done in the bank’s own application and pushed for approval there.


After entering the password, the website will send an SMS with a one-time code to your phone. You can enter the one-time code on the website for a specified period of time. Of the two-factor authentication methods, this is perhaps the least secure, as SMS can be intercepted, but it is still more protected than just using one password.

Physical key

The most secure two-factor authentication method, usually a physical key, is a small device that needs to be connected to a computer via USB or wireless and when you enter your password on that website, you must then press a button on that device or unlock it with a fingerprint.

When registering a new .HU domain name, the registrant can choose from the domain types in our system.

Electronic: You must confirm your domain registration using a captcha. Later, the following domain operations (transfer, trade) are required to upload a signed document.

Single-factor: You must confirm your domain registration by clicking the link sent to the e-mail address of the domain owner. Later, the following domain operations are completed with e-mail approval and documents cannot be used.

Two-factor: You must confirm your domain registration by clicking the link sent to the email address of the domain owner and confirming your phone number. Later, the following domain operations are completed with these two factor together.

So we recommend that you use it for websites/applications where two-factor authentication is possible. If you want to register a new .HU domain name recently, you should choose single-factor or two-factor authentication with us. Contact our colleagues with your questions about domain registration!

Main photo: Markus Spiske / Unsplash