21Jul, 2021

Why choose you the .ORG domain for your organization?

In our blog post today, the .ORG domain is in the focus. Many people know and use the .ORG domain abroad, but in Hungary, it can be used only by larger or non-profit organizations, although it is very valuable in several respects. It has a long history as it was created between the first domain extensions, the third most popular extension after .COM and .NET.

Who can use the .ORG domain?

Most people think that only non-profit organizations can use this domain, but registration for the .ORG domain is already open to everyone. Its users are also interested in various industries and interests. In addition to non-profit organizations, professional clubs, work and family communities, teams and businesses also have a .ORG domain. It is also often used by open-source software companies, showing that their software or networks are available to everyone for free, famous example is wikipedia.org. Educational websites that provide free education are also favoured by them, indicating that their educational information is available to everyone. Different members of the .ORG community may have different goals, but the point is, they want to belong to a community that creates inspiring things and wants to show that with the .ORG domain.

What are the benefits of .ORG domain?

We are talking about a reliable domain that has been operating for more than 30 years and is extremely enthusiastic about online security and quality. Its Registry, the PIR (Public Interest Registry), doesn’t manage not only the .ORG, but also deals with domain-related education, critical topics affecting online security, and also works with major industry partners. PIR also supports the efforts of the parent organization, ISOC, to improve the development and use of the Internet. We think it is a smart business decision to choose the .ORG domain, it can be a reliable source for your future website. There are many choices for .ORG domains, as, for example, compared to a .COM, it is only used by fewer websites.

If you would like to finally register your own .ORG domain, go to our Domain Registration page where you can easily do so. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our colleagues!