31Mar, 2021

What will you choose first? Domain or brand name?

Many times the question begins when someone is thinking about launching a new business, which steps to start with. One: see what free domain names there are and guess the brand name based on that. Another: have a fixed brand name first and then look at what domain names are available. The answer is not easy, as both solutions are good.

You have the right brand name…

In such cases, if you have a well-established brand name for a long time and now want to join the market, or simply found the brand name of your dreams and want to introduce it, you need to define the target audience for choosing a domain name. The right target group will help you choose the domain extension, so if you think you are targeting Hungarian people, then .HU is a perfect choice, if you are interested in the international market then .COM and .EU are the best.

In this case, you have other options, you can play creatively with the brand name or choose a specific domain name extension, as there is more availability there. If you are clueless, look at our domain extension database, where you will find all the extensions available to us with the most important data.

Years ago, this version was more popular, but nowadays, the importance of online presence has grown significantly, which strongly impacts domain name choice.

When the domain name comes first…

If the online presence is a priority for your existing or future business (such as a webshop or online magazine), then it’s a good idea to first look at what free domain names are available. Choose a domain name that you can match with the brand name. In this case, you can choose a new domain name, but it can also be useful to look around the domain backorder list, as you can often get very good, imaginative names.

Before starting a business, consider the following tips and act accordingly, brand name and domain name selection is also long term, so the whole basis is the right planning. And when it’s time to register your domain, go to our site for popular .HU, .COM, .EU and hundreds of other extensions.