19Mar, 2021

What does ICANN do? Know it!

You can often come across unknown abbreviations and organizations related to domain names, now we want to help you with that. We show in our blogpost the operation and policy of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) organization. It is non-profit company founded in 1998. ICANN’s responsibilities include managing technical DNS functions, adding Internet addresses, coordinating port assignments, and maintaining the stability of domain names. The organization approved in 1999 the URDP, a unified domain name dispute resolution policy that protects trademarks in the domain industry.

What is the domain name system?

DNS provides a system for the Internet that makes it easy for people to find specific sites by simply selecting IP addresses (strings of numbers) to domain names. It is also the basis for emailing and many other online activities.

ICANN has an administrative role with both domain names and IP addresses. There can be no two same domain names and no two same IP addresses, ICANN helps to coordinate the assignment of IP addresses, avoiding duplication and conflicts.

Official ICANN website

Which policies has ICAAN?

1.DNS Policy: these Policies are improved through formal policy development processes, as set forth by the Bylaws. Policies are constantly being developed, with advisory committees assisting the work from around the world. ICANN needs to listen to as many global views as possible for development.

2.Operational Policy: this defines how ICANN operates as an organization. This policy is not covered by the policy development process, but they demand comments and opinions from the community.

3.General Practices: best practices that didn’t necessarily go through the organization’s approval process.

Each month, ICANN publishes a notice of updates to the current policy so that newly joined and existing members can always be up to date.

ICANN helps operate and expand the domain name system through contracts with registries and registrars. The organization created a market of registrars that includes an accreditation system. As a result, hundreds of companies can sell domain names. In Hungary, our company DotRoll Kft. is currently the only ICANN accredited registrar, which means that we can register .biz, .com, .info, .net and .org domain names directly. Other domestic companies offering such registration can register the listed domain names through other foreign registrars or us.

The ICANN community is diverse, as it includes registries, registrars, ISPs, commercial and non-profit companies, multi-country governments and individual users. The principle of the organization is that all Internet users deserve to display their opinion about the operation. If you are interested in the activity of the organization or the topics listed in the article, you can attend a global, free meeting that ICANN organizes each year. Here you can listen to leaders who deal with issues related to the current and future operation of the Internet.

Forrás: icann.org