17Sep, 2020

Tip: Why is content localization important?

Do you have a business and want to conquer new markets? Then the right tool: localizing your content. We have collected the most useful information you need to know about this.

The localization

Many people think that localizing content is the same as translating it, but it means much more than that.
It includes additional elements (links, currencies, product names, etc.) adaptation to the target market. Many times, a website and the content on it need to have a different structure in different target markets.

The advantages of localization

If your business’s customers are from different parts of the world, this is very important as they think and buy differently, we have to address them differently. Localization can increase the traffic to your website, make it easier for potential customers to find the right product, run targeted marketing campaigns, and make slogans, images, and links even more relevant to your target audience.

What content should I localize?

Website: the localization of websites allows for suitable communication with customers, based on previous research, 75% of consumers prefer to buy in their native language, so it is worth targeting them with the right language content.

Emails: Localizing your email campaigns helps you achieve higher clickthrough rates. It is practical to think about how we pronounce it, because in English, for example, the sentences are much shorter than even in Hungarian.

Social Media: Social media is already a mandatory element of any marketing strategy, helping you connect with customers and developing engagement. Localizing the content of social media sites will increase your site traffic and lead to more activity among your followers.