24Sep, 2021

Featured discounted domain names

Still few people are registering unique domain names in Hungary, but we want them to become more popular. We have put together a couple of favourites that you can register at discounted prices.


There are more and more agencies in Hungary, the .AGENCY domain can be an excellent choice for start-ups if they want to stand out from the crowd. We also recommend it to marketing, media, PR and modelling agencies. Now you can register for 2.000 HUF+VAT instead of 5.990 HUF+VAT.


The .BUSINESS domain has been created for the business sector, but it isn’t limited to one industry. The number of opportunities is huge, financial advisors, businesses blogs, business analysts and schools can use it excellent. Now is the price of .BUSINESS 2.000 HUF+VAT instead of 5.990 HUF+VAT.


.COACH is a relatively new domain that can be very valuable for personal trainers, coaching professionals who want to promote themselves and their services. More and more people are turning to a professional, and with this domain, you can attract the attention of potential customers. If you want to start your own business with this domain, you can register now, as you can get it for only 5.000 HUF + VAT instead of HUF 14,990 + VAT.


If you want a more general domain, but your choice is no longer available at .COM, .EU, or .HU, the relevant option is .SITE. A simple domain, that can be used in any industry strongly shows your online presence. We believe that in the long run there is a great future ahead of the .SITE domain, it is time for you to register, as it is available now for 1.500 HUF + VAT instead of 8,990 HUF + VAT.


There are several ways to access the use of the .SUPPORT domain. One is that this domain can serve good customer service websites, customers can easily access frequently asked questions, contact information and various customer service matters. On the other hand, charities can advance their fundraising campaigns. Don’t waste your time, now you can register the .SUPPORT domain for 2.990 HUF + VAT instead of 5.990 HUF + VAT!

If you can’t find the right one for your discount domains, head to the domain extensions database, where you can choose from hundreds of extensions.

Main photo: Arlington Research / Unsplash