05Jun, 2020

Choosing your domain name: mistakes you should avoid

Choosing the right domain name for your website is very important, but it is not always easy. Your domain represents your brand and is a long-term commitment. To help you to take a winning domain name, we have listed the top faults.

A random domain name 

You shouldn’t choose domain name randomly, because it must represent your company, be related to your industry, and allow your visitors to recognize your brand/company easily. It is preferable to avoid a domain name that consists only of generic keywords, otherwise, your links will be penalized by search engines.

A difficult domain name 

Do not choose a domain name that is difficult to remember, difficult to spell, or too long, this reduces the chances of losing traffic. Numbers and hyphens are also to be avoided as they can easily lead to confusion. If the name of your company is too long, try to shorten it.

Inappropriate domain type choice 

The choice of the domain extension depends on your target and your brand identity. There are a lot of popular TLDs, like .com, .hu or .eu, but there are probably hundreds of TLDs that are more relevant to your brand. The right extension will allow your brand to be easily identifiable.


You can choose a generic extension to represent your activity. (.SCHOOL, .PHOTO, .YOGA)

Too specific domain name 

Just because your business is currently specializing in a sub-sector, doesn’t mean that you won’t expand your business in the future. For this reason, you don’t choose a domain name that is too limited.

Trademark infringement 

Registering a domain name similar to a trademark seems like a good idea, but you may run into legal issues. Before buying a domain name, it is your responsibility to check that there are no conflicts of interest.

Incorrect registration information 

If your contact details are wrong and your domain name is about to expire, the notification email will not reach you and you have just lost your domain. It isn’t easy to recover a deleted domain name.

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