23Feb, 2021

.ART domain – promoting art digitally

The history of the .ART domain extension began in 2017 and has been hugely popular from the very first moments. It soon reached 100,000 registration and continues to be on the TOP 20 list of fastest-growing new gTLDs. It is also popular with registrars as it has a premium selection and pricing policy and offers them an extremely productive model. It is a huge result that 6% of all .ART domains sold are premium domain names, which is a very high percentage.

Its main goal to support the artistic community, protect and strengthen the digital identity of its members, and create value from art digitally as well. Over the past few years, this domain has also become the default choice for artists, art professionals, institutions and performers, but registrations have also come from outside the arts. For example, Amazon, Harvard University, or Bank of America also have a .ART domain name. It connects businesses irrespectively of industry who can use it efficiently but for their expected goal.

Why is the .ART so special?

It gives you an exclusive identity and has high-quality growth, as already mentioned. It has a large target audience, for example, a 1+ billion Instagram account could be a potential target audience, and the #art hashtag is also used by hundreds of thousands on this platform. Over time, many users will want a custom interface for their images and the .ART domain can help them with that.

The target audience is constantly growing, as there is an increasing need to connect live and digital art, even a good example of this is an online museum tour that can also be taken by those who would not be able to travel to the venue. We believe that the pandemic has also realized that such art venues have to deal with digitalization.
It is a fact that there are big-name companies among its users, such as Apple, Instagram or the Louvre. The Registry is headquartered in several countries, so they can be actively involved in global actions. It also offers a suitable digital platform for integrating and interconnecting today’s popular cryptographic technology in a secure, flexible, and efficient way.

Innovations of .ART

.ART Digital Twin – is a patent of .ART is a digital certificate of authenticity. Allowed for any artistic or cultural object, it offers a solution for the digital storage of artworks in any format that can be accessed at any time through a browser. It proves the origin of the object, allows real-time traceability and increases the value of the art object.

.ART Digital Twin

– It provides a free web development solution for anyone with a .ART domain.
– The Registry has developed a correct price predictive algorithm.

There are many interesting sites among .ART users and can also draw attention to exciting projects.

circa.art – This project supports creative communities affected by pandemics, it collects money through charity sales. Lots of famous artists took part in the project.
procreate.art – It’s a creative application with more than 130 craft brushes that allows people to make sketches, illustrations on the go.
dada.art – It is a global social network where people talk to each other through drawings, its simple and user-friendly interface highlights the power of collaborative art.


With .ART domain-based websites, you can create many creative solutions and be an excellent choice for anyone outside of the arts, who can make the most of its potential.

You can find the technical information of .ART in our domain database.

Source: art.art

Main photo: Julie Laiymani / Unsplash