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PHP version setting for DirectAdmin web hosting

1.Sign in at with your username and password!

2.In the top menubar, click the Services / My Services menu!

3.From your services, click the DirectAdmin web hosting!

4.Scroll down, in the One Click Menu on the left, and click on the DirectAdmin option, which will take you to the DirectAdmin interface!

5.Click the “Select PHP version” option in the Extra Features block!

6. Default setting is native 7.3 version, if you change it to another version, you can turn different PHP modules on and off, as you can see in the picture.


7. Above, if you click on the Options button, you can edit different PHP settings. If you want to change the modules, you can set the version to another (default is 7.3 native).

Most frequently used parameters:

  • upload_max_filesize – maximum file size that can be uploaded to a website
  • memory_limit – how much memory to use for a given PHP query
  • max_execution_time – how long a PHP script should run.

The PHP version you set for the main domain will be valid for the hosting, but you can specify different PHP settings, the steps for which can be found in this article.