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DotRoll webhosting security solutions

While developing DotRoll non-free hosting, we paid special attention to security. These security features include: 


Unlike usual hosting solutions, security starts at the system level. Every hosting account is a system user. This allows us to run applications like Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails.


Our kernel has been hardened to suit the security needs of our clients. For example, users may only see their own processes.


Every user has a very own miniature environment (chroot) in which the applications run and FTP is jailed into. This allows us to provide users with SSH access.


As we reckon the need for using API’s, we have developed a solution to monitor abuse and thus allow free access to external sites to our users. PHP, for example has been fitted with all the technology we could pack into it (SOAP, XML-RPC, etc).


All outgoing mail is bound to users transparently. Every user may send only from a domain belonging to that very account. Outgoing mail is digitally signed, which more and more e-mail providers recognize as a sign of trust and verifiability. Blacklists and e-mail trafic are constantly monitored so your legitimate e-mail may pass unhindered and get right where it belongs – in your user’s inboxes.