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International domain name transfer

After registering a new domain or modify the domain contact data, it is locked for 60 days. Can not be transferred!

Domain transfers are done using the administrative contact’s e-mail address. Before starting, please verify the e-mail address exists and is accessible. You may check the whois record of your domain using the following site:

  1. Ask your current registrar to release the domain lock.
  2. Ask your current registrar for the domain’s “auth code”. In most cases, this is a 4-16 character code needed for the domain transfer.
  3. Create an account in our system.
  4. Order the domain transfer using our system.
  5. Payment. You must proceed with your payment during the 14 day waiting period. You may do so via credit/debit card or via wire transfer. You may transfer money from any account, but you have to mark your domain name in question.
  6. As soon as the payment arrives, the transfer commences. You will receive an e-mail to your old administrative contact’s mailbox. You have to click contained therein and authorize the transaction. If you fail to do so within 15 days, the transfer will be cancelled.
  7. The administrative contact (Admin-C) will be notified via e-mail. Your electronic invoice will be created and may be downloaded from our system.
  8. You may freely configure your domain name using our system.


  1. Release the domain lock.
  2. Acquire the domain lock.
  3. Order the domain transfer.
  4. Commence with payment.
  5. Authorize the transfer by clicking the link in the e-mail sent to your AdminC e-mail address.