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.hu Owner change

The domain owner change, i.e. Trade is paid service (the same as the new registration fee). Signed domain contract and additional documents must be uploaded. After the successful change, the new expiration date will be the changing date + two years.


    1. Sign in with with your username and password
    2. In the top menu bar, click the Domains / My Domains menu.
    3. Select the domain name on which you want to make the change and then click on it.
    4. In the Manage box on the left, select Contacts change.
    5. At the top of the page that appears, you can see the current domain owner and its data.
    6. To modify, you can select from the drop-down list under Owner:
      • formerly created the contact
      • or select the Add New Contact… option to add a new contact
    7. Choose the owner type that can be:
      • Person
      • Company
    8. Then fill out the form elements.
    9. Click the Next button where the system will show an overview page with the data you entered.
    10. If all data is correct, click Checkout button of the bottom of the page.
    11. The system will show you the owner change fee, where you can choose the payment method. After selecting, click Click Continue » button.
    12. Shortly afterwards, the proforma invoice is issued for the owner change. Here you can pay by credit card or via PayPal or you can download the proforma invoice.
    13. You can return to the online interface at the bottom of the page by clicking the « Back to the Client Area link.
    14. Then, in the top menu bar, click Services / My Services.
    15. On the page that appears, click the row marked Contacts change.
    16. Here you can download the contract for the owner change and the Transfer agreement for .hu domains.
    17. Upload documents after they have been filled and signed there.

The owner change starts automatically after the required documents and the payment arrived. If the Owner change completed we will notify you by email.