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How to renew domain name

  1. To renew your domain name, log in with the email address you provided during registration and the associated password.
  2. After login, click the Domains/ Domain Renewal. Our system will then list the domain names that can be renewed.
  3. Select the checkbox in front of the domain name for it you want to renew.
  4. Alternatively, select how long you want to renew the domain name.
  5. In the next step, click the Order Now >> button.
  6. Our system will display the fee for the ordered service, if you find the order ok, click the Order button.
  7. Select your payment method!
    1. PayPal (immediately)
    2. Bank transfer: The transfer can come from any bank account (not just the customer’s bank account number). It is important to indicate only the ordered domain name or the serial number of the fee request in the transfer notification field.
    3. Cash