22Oct, 2021

Why choose Bitdefender Antivirus software?

Computers and their users are threatened by many warnings while using the Internet. The basics of adequate protection: the first is setting up your computer properly because many malicious software and hackers exploit the faults in various software programs already running on your machine. The second is the firewall and of course, the third is an effective antivirus software.

Different security threats have got two groups, there are internal threats when, for example, a co-worker or acquaintance can access our data and there are external attacks.

The most well-known software is malware, which has different types. It includes spyware, which spreads and works on our machines without our knowledge, adware is also very common, which displays advertisements on your computer and is usually followed by a program downloaded from an inappropriate source. Viruses usually go to another computer via email or instant messaging, can damage files, the device, delete things.

The different packages of Bitdefender antivirus are already available from us. We recommend the basic packages, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security for residential use. The basic packages are available for 13 EUR / year. You can also browse the detailed comparison table on our site.

Bitdefender Plus packages include the Family Pack, where you can purchase licenses for up to 15 devices, and Small Office Security, which we recommend especially for individuals, small and medium businesses. Value for money is great, and nowadays, as work has become increasingly flexible in smaller businesses, we need to pay more attention to security. Click on this page for detailed package features!

If you purchase the above packages, you will get the most innovative technologies that provide real protection from viruses to Trojan threats to various spyware. You can read about the key benefits on our site but we would also highlight the vulnerability estimation, which means that the software checks for obsolete and vulnerable software on the machine or security patches and then indicates the best solution. Bitdefender doesn’t slow down the system while it is running, it also detects when a user is playing, working, or watching a movie without interfering with random questions, automatically stops pop-ups, and adjusts visual settings to get the most out of your device.

In addition, medium-sized and large enterprises will find the best option with us, as Bitdefender Enterprise provides extra security along with endpoint protection. If you are interested, fill in the order form on the Enterprise packages page, as the price of each package is unique, depending on the device and license numbers, as well as additional accessories.

If you are unsure which package would be right for you, feel free to contact our colleagues!