23Jun, 2020

Tips, tricks for Microsoft Teams

You have already downloaded the free trial of Microsoft Teams, but want to get the most out of it? Our tips will help you with that!

Integrate apps
Microsoft Teams allows users to integrate third-party applications for a more personalized user experience. You can integrate apps such as MailChimp, Youtube, Trello, etc. To integrate an app in a Team or in a chat, click on the + icon, and choose an app from there.

Mute yourself or others!
In a full online meeting, you can turn off your own or your colleague’s microphone to avoid background noise that affects the voices of other participants.

Use bookmarks
You can also bookmark important messages to come back to them later. Hover over the message, click on three dots, and choose the “Save the message” option!

Use the mention function
Online chats can be very time consuming, if you or your colleagues are busy, you don’t have time to read all the outgoing messages.  In this case, mention the person to whom the message is intended, who will be notified.

Activate notifications in Teams
Team notifications are disabled by default. To activate, click the three dots icon in the upper right corner, then Channel notifications, and select Banner and feed for All new posts.

Install mobile app
Microsoft Teams is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile users. Installing the app can be useful so you can reply to your messages and reach your colleagues on the go.

Change video background
In the desktop version, Teams allows you to blur or customize the background of your video call. You can choose from Microsoft wallpapers or you can use your own images. To use this feature, make a video call, click the ellipse icon on the call screen, and select Background settings.

If you haven’t tried Microsoft Teams yet, then request it from us and now you can use the trial version for free for 6 months!