16Jun, 2020

SSL certificate: Keep your website secure!

Nowadays, security is the most important on the internet as your website visitors want to know their data in good hands. The perfect solution is the SSL certificate, which can provide several benefits in addition to security!

What’s an SSL certificate? 

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the most effective way to encrypt data between your websites and visitors, protects the private information you collect from your customers such a payment card details, passwords, logins. Once activated, the padlock icon and https: // will appear in the URL, they will show to your site visitors that your site is protected and private.

The importance of online trust

SSL shows your customers that your website is secure, so they’re more likely shop there than on a site that doesn’t have a certificate, and your website is more secure against hacker attacks.

Better Google ranking

Google has recently begun to make a striking distinction between insecure websites. Besides, SSL certified websites are ranked higher by Google in search rankings.

Which websites need SSL?

For all websites, but for some types of websites are more important, as they handle a lot of data SSL protection is recommended for the following sites:

  • Banking sites, asking for financial information
  • Websites, accepting card payments
  • Websites, where clients provide personal or sensitive information e.g. identity card number, other ID numbers
  • Websites that contain login forms
  • Websites with messaging functions

If your website doesn’t yet have an SSL certificate, don’t hesitate to buy. Will be ready in a few minutes and you can use it on an unlimited number of servers! Look at the different SSL types and buy the right one!