13Oct, 2020

Online workshop: domain security and data privacy

What are the risks of using domain names? How to protect your domains? You will receive answers to these questions at the Domain Security and Privacy Online Workshop on October 15th.

The purpose of the event is to provide useful information to service providers, companies, organizations, their managers, IT professionals and lawyers with critical domain names. Participants can also obtain information on, for example, how to prevent the unauthorized takeover over domains and websites, and to avoid mass data theft and misuse. The event will feature several exciting performances by the organizers until the early afternoon. Later, there will be panel discussions where participants’ questions asked during the presentations will be addressed.

Participation in the online workshop is free, but registration is required, which you can do from the event website: https://www.iszt.hu/domenbiztonsag-es-adatvedelem-workshop/

We recommend it to all professionals and to anyone interested in topic!