02Aug, 2022

Most important facts about the SSL certificates

We have already discussed why it is essential for your website to have an SSL certificate. Now we present three different types of SSL according to validation level. All three types have the same encryption levels, but different verification requirements. 

Domain validation certificate (DV SSL) 

DV SSL certificates are fully supported, they are ready immediately, as there is no need to submit company papers or declarations. It is ideal for anyone who needs a suitable SSL certificate quickly and at a reasonable price.

Organization validation certificate (OV SSL) 

In order to receive OV SSL certificates, the organization has to prove that it is a legally registered business. This type of SSL can’t be issued to private individuals. You can increase visitors’ trust in your business with this certificate.

Extended validation certificate (EV SSL) 

Extended Validation SSL provides the highest level of trust. In order for a company/organization to receive an EV SSL, it must pass a stricter check. The EV SSL is highly recommended for all websites where the website requests personal information.

Wildcard, the subdomain option

The wildcard can be optionally requested for all three SSL certificate types. If you have several subdomain addresses, it is worth choosing this one, as this way you can save costs and administration.

Finally, a few interesting facts about SSL certificates. One is that in 2021, 89% of pages loaded into Google Chrome were served over HTTPS. This figure was only 40% in 2015, so this is a huge increase.

Another thing, 85% of online shoppers avoid unsecured websites, this is absolutely coherent. This is related to the fact that the conversion rate of e-commerce sites with SSL certificates has increased by 18-87% since a higher proportion of users buy on such sites.

The best and most used SSL provider on the market is Sectigo, whose certificates we also offer. It currently has a 40,30% market share, followed by Comodo Cybersecurity with 19,88%.

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